EssaySnark's Strategies for the 2017 Yale MBA Application

– Do your research before you begin. Every successful MBA application essay begins with a thorough understanding of the school you’re applying to, and how your personal brand meshes with what they are looking for in their students. This is especially true in the case of the 2016-2017 Yale SOM essay prompt.

Yale mba application essays - Inspections Too, Inc.
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These are identical to what they asked in 2012 — except that literally all they want to know about now is why do you want an MBA from Yale. This is basically the same approach as Harvard is taking, just through a different lens: Yale is relying on the evidence of leadership and achievement that will come through the rest of the application – your transcripts, your GMAT or GRE, your resume, and especially your recommendations – to tell the story of who you are. The essays are still important but they don’t need you to hype up a bunch of stories to try and prove how awesome you are; they’ll get that from the other assets (like the video!).

EMBA Application Essay Tips: Yale SOM Executive MBA Program

Below is the application essay that I wrote to get into the Yale School of Management to pursue my MBA.
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A number of business schools have added a new component to their MBA application process; the MBA video interview or essay. INSEAD, Kellogg and Yale all include a MBA video in their requirements for MBA applicants, just to mention a few of the business schools that have transitioned to this modern approach for applications.