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You can't just write one draft of your college admissions essay and think it will be ready to send. Start by writing a rough draft. Don't worry about quality at this stage. After you've completed your rough draft, take some time away from it and start again with fresh eyes. When you are , don't look at particulars like spelling and grammar; rather, look at the college admissions essay as a whole. Find your essay's weaknesses and work on those.

Admission officials consider how you write your essay, not just what you write about
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Be yourself. Choose a topic that is meaningful to you. Write in your own words. Write what you feel, not what you think the admissions committee wants to hear. “The essay is the candidate’s opportunity to explain to us who they are and why they are unique,” says Charlotte Lazor, associate director of admission information systems for Wesleyan University.

How to Write an Essay for University Admission

Avoid gimmicks—admissions officers have seen them all. For example, don’t write your essay from the perspective of your dog.
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Be sure to keep your topic, well, topical, and within the bounds of reasonable discourse. "While I don't believe there are any essay topics that are inherently bad, it is important for the student to keep in mind that they don't know who will be reading their essay," says Liz Cheron, Associate Director for Admissions at Northeastern University. "If they choose something obscure or related to pop culture, they should make sure to give enough context for a reader who may not be familiar with the topic," she adds. "If they choose to write about something controversial, they should take an educated stand, rather than what could be seen as an offensive stand." Remember, extreme views, about politics or religion, especially, are probably unwelcome at most schools.