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A successful college application isn’t just about GPA and SAT numbers. Admission officers are looking for a lot more in order to ensure the teens they admit can become capable, forward thinking, successful college students poised to make a difference. So, what does that mean for high school students as they put together their all-important college applications? Here are five tips to share with your students that can help give their applications an edge.

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Before I answer this I’d like to state upfront that there are three hurdles that applicants must clear to gain admission to the top colleges. So bear in mind that you can’t focus on just one quality for your candidacy at the expense of others.This said, most admissions officers to whom we have spoken agree that demonstrating fit is the one quality that most impresses them when reviewing applications. This means showing the school that you understand what makes it unique as well as what you have to offer and, consequently, why you sincerely want to attend that school.Far too many applicants view the admissions game as purely numeric. Smart applicants realize they need to put 100% of their best effort into each stretch school they target. Consequently, they understand why it is better to apply to 10 schools with each application reflecting 100% of their best effort than to get stretched too thin and apply to 20 schools with each application only reflecting 50% of their best effort.So, in conclusion, be sure to spend the time to demonstrate a strong fit with each stretch application you submit. Quality will triumph quantity every time.

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Now that it’s time to start thinking about the college admissions process, it’s important to consider what you’ll need to put on applications as well.