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Please allow approximately 2 to 4 weeks for processing after receipt of all documents. Virginia Tech's MIT Program has a rolling admissions process. All admission supporting paperwork should be in our office by the application deadline dates.

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The Senior Citizens Higher Education Act passed by the General Assembly in 1974 provides the opportunity for Virginia citizens 60 years of age or over to audit or take courses for credit at state supported institutions of higher learning in Virginia without paying tuition and required fees. Senior citizens who had a taxable income not exceeding $23,850 for federal income tax purposes for the year preceding the time of enrollment may take courses for credit without paying fees. A senior citizen, regardless of income, may take a non-credit course without paying fees providing the number of courses does not exceed three per term. Senior citizens who wish to take classes at Virginia Tech should submit the and paper copy of the to the Office of Undergraduate Admission along with an application for .

Virginia Tech's MIT Program has a rolling admissions process.

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Marc, I have no ties to Virginia Tech, but if the school had strengthened its admissions process as you suggest, so what? Cho could have just as easily snapped at Northern Virginia Community College, or at a shopping mall, or lots of other places. He was alienated and delusional. Keeping him out of Tech wouldn't have cured his mental illness.