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The is a four-year program that provides an especially rich and challenging set of academic offerings to talented and highly motivated students in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. Through special courses, intensive faculty contact and thoughtful advising, the Honors Program helps students to identify and pursue their intellectual interests. Students invited into the Honors Program must confirm their acceptance. Students may then apply to live in Honors Housing, although participation in Honors Housing is not required by the Honors Program. Honors students may choose to become members of one of the Michigan Learning Communities listed above, all of which require that students live in a specific residence hall while still participating in the Honors Program. However, students who apply for residential MLCs on the Housing Application are not eligible to apply for Honors Housing. If an Honors student applies and is denied admission to a residential MLC, that student will enter the general University Housing placement process. If eligible, the student may then apply for Honors Housing the following year.

2016-17 University of Michigan Application Essay Prompts
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The second question is much more straightforward. This is the basic, “Why Michigan” essay, though the prompt is worded a little differently. This question demands that you do your homework on the specific school, program, or major to which you are applying. Michigan, as with many schools, is very transparent and detailed about the specifics of their programs. Take your time and really dissect the information on their web site and marketing materials. And then craft your answer so that it is clear that you have put time and energy into making the choice to apply. the University of Michigan, outside of loving Big Ten football, or wanting to attend a university with a world-renowned reputation. Your reasons need to be specific, detailed, and precise. This is how your application will rise to the top of the stack. Good luck and Go Blue!

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Application Essay - Free Test Prep

Do not fill out the Common Application unless you are also applying to one of the other undergraduate programs at the University of Michigan.
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Your Preferred Admission application will show in the "Admission Application Status" page on Wolverine Access. Here you will see the application term (the post-dated sophomore year term), academic career, academic program, application number, and application date. Please know that the application number and date is no indication of admission to the university or the Ross School of Business. All students who apply to the University of Michigan and choose Preferred Admission for the Ross School of Business will have a business application for their post-dated sophomore term. Please utilize our to .