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The Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, continues to offer an “old school” set of essay questions. The school’s admissions committee therefore seems to be a real maverick, resisting the move to requiring just one long essay—as many MBA programs have done in recent years—and instead posing three essay questions, one of which involves three options. The whole thing is so 2009. With this surfeit of questions comes opportunity, however. The UC Berkeley Haas essay allows you to present a fuller picture of who you are and the experiences that have shaped you. As always, think carefully about what you want to reveal to the admissions committee. With each question/essay, you want to be sure the admissions committee is learning something new about you! This does not mean, for example, that you can share only one story from your work environment, but it does mean that you can relate only one project management story from any environment. Consider your essays as a collective whole to ensure that you are presenting a broad representation of yourself/your experiences that draws from multiple areas. Read on for our full analysis of Haas’s application essay prompts for this season.

This is my post on the UC Berkeley Haas MBA Essays for Class of 2016 admission
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The set of essays for admission to UC Berkeley Haas School of Business is a holistic exploration of personal to professional topics
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This is my post on the UC Berkeley Haas MBA Essays for Class of 2016 admission. You can find my post on Haas interviews here. This is how I started my Haas essay analysis last year: “Haas always asks weird questions. Years ago, they asked who the applicant would invite to dinner and why. Last year, it […]