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Most admissions committee members will be uncomfortable with the topic of rape, but they will recognize the applicant was a victim, and they will certainly not judge her law school qualifications based on her confession. In light of this, the applicant needs to do more work presenting her academic qualifications for law school. First, she needs to tighten and focus her writing. She must show that she is stable and possesses a sharpness of intelligence. She should cut out all the details of her personal suffering. This is a harsh reality, but the committee wants only to be impressed by the applicant’s abilities and characteristics that triumph over tragedy. They want to see a career woman in the making. The essay should not be apologetic.

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The law school admissions process is more competitive than ever. Every year top law schools receive thousands of applications to fill classes of only a few hundred seats. Top LSAT scores are a given for top schools and there are more qualified applicants than there are spaces, so applicants need to take action to differentiate their application!

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