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Our comprehensive guide offers parents and students the insider tips and strategies needed to write outstanding college application essays. Written by Doris Davis, a former Associate Provost for Admissions and Enrollment at Cornell University (NY) and Dean of Admissions at Barnard College of Columbia University for eleven years, StudyPoint's Guide covers the following topics:

Ten Last-Minute Tips For Crushing The College Application Essay
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Having worked with many college admissions counselors, coached numerous high school students, and reviewed countless more essays, I have developed these 10 tips for helping you succeed in writing a strong application essay.

Writing the Successful College Application Essay: Tips for Success ..

With the college application season well underway, here are five supplemental college essay writing tips you may find helpful:
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I hope you’re aware of the vital importance of the essay as a component of the elite college application. To give you some further perspective, I’m including here some representative sample essays from my archives. I’ll make some background comments about the writers (names have been changed for privacy), comment on their essay, and throw in some tips about the college essay process. …