Must-Have Tips for Writing Effective MBA Application Essays

Akin to the application essay, your application resume is there to promote you to the MBA admissions committee. It serves to strengthen your application by showcasing skills, talents, and qualifications that make you the right candidate for your prospective B-school. Your MBA application resume should not be a perfect match for your job-hunting resume, though. What should you change in your resume, then? Find out as you read this chapter. Also included are 10 + 1 tips to nail MBA application resume writing.

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With just over a month left before the January MBA application deadline, many applicants are in the process of writing or polishing their essays. So, whether you’re applying for your MBA now or will be in the near future, we wanted to share our top tips for writing a standout essay.

Seven Tips for writing MBA Application essays | QS-LEAP

Facing a stack of MBA applications? Review these school-specific tips before you start writing your MBA essays.
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Hopefully these tips provide some good guidance as to where to start writing a resume for MBA admissions applications. We’re happy to review your resume as part of our service, and for those looking for more in-depth resume editing, . However you choose to proceed, remember to invest as much time in your resume as you do in your essays, GMAT, and interview prep. It’s the foundation on which all winning MBA applications are built.