College Application Essay Lesson Plan Ideas for English Teachers

Students admitted to UECP and GECP are required to meet all admission requirements. However, they are not required to complete the entire application for admission to the teacher preparation program. In the online application, they are required to complete only the Personal Information and Application pages. They are not required to write an essay or answer questions about their experiences with children and youth or diversity. Cohort students who are denied admission as sophomores must complete the full application (including the essay) if they decide to reapply. Cohort students applying for the special education major, the elementary Mathematics teaching major, and/or to accelerate their programs must submit those additional materials (see below).

Discuss how to interpret teaching credential application essay prompts
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And there’s the crux: Job seekers have to convince hiring committees they want the position. This seems obvious, especially given the challenges of a tight job market. Yet after having read more than enough careless applications, and endured more than enough excruciating phone interviews, I know that some academics are clueless about how to sell themselves — and more specifically, their fitness — to a teaching institution.

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During these sessions, I teach counselors and English teachers what I believe makes a “great” or effective college application essay, and then how to teach their students to write them using a narrative (story-telling) style to showcase their defining qualities and values.