Student Teaching Application – Essay

The paper application is an external document that is reviewed by school officials and your mentor teacher. The file is a locked Word form. You must download it to your computer, save it, and then open it again for it to work properly.Be sure to print and read the directions for the application. Follow the directions carefully, and make sure your application is free from typos or other errors. You must have been admitted to teacher education, have a 2.75 GPA overall and in all teaching areas, and have advisor approval before you can submit your paper application for student teaching.Make an appointment with your academic advisor well before the due date of the paper application. Your advisor must review and approve your application before you submit it. After your advisor has reviewed and signed, print one copy of pages A and B, three copies of page 1, page 2, and three copies of your one-page essay responses.Note: If your application prints more than just pages A and B and 1 and 2, you have typed too much information in one or more lines. Go back and modify those responses so your application fits on just these pages.3. Submitting the Paper Application

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Conditional status is also granted pending a successful rewrite of the TEP application essay. No conditional status applies to student teaching acceptance. Candidates notified of conditional status must meet the conditions specified for admission to the TEP within one semester in order to proceed with upper level professional education coursework. Conditional status allows you to continue enrollment in professional education courses.


Essay Questions for Student Teaching Application Personal Data Sheet
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Students are allowed to apply 3 times to the Teacher Education program and must show a significant change in their application before they reapply (better grades, new essay, new references, more volunteer hours, etc). Application materials remain on file, and some components of an earlier application can be used to reapply. Contact the Office of Student Services for more information.