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Most recently, I served as Executive Director for an education nonprofit, and have provided consulting services to four other educational nonprofit organizations as a member of the Stanford Business School Alumni Consulting Team (ACT). I have also worked with dozens of students who have successfully applied to top tier law, business, and undergraduate programs. Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach, I believe that everyone can create a compelling application that will stand out, and that the process itself can be a positive and empowering experience.

Application Fee | Stanford Graduate School of Business
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One of the hardest things about developing a strong application to business school is figuring out what to write in your essays. Good essays take time to develop, not just in deciding on a topic but in executing a full argument around that topic once you have it. Hardest of all is Stanford’s essay on “what matters most.” One of the best ways to facilitate the entire creative process is journaling.

Stanford Business School Application‎

Applications for Stanford Business School are accepted in three rounds, typically in October, January, and April.
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Director’s Corner
In last month’s Director’s Corner, I explained my sincere belief that you benefit from the business school application experience – regardless of the outcome of the process. Because essay writing demands so much of your focused energy and time, it can be most difficult to maintain your perspective during what is probably one of the most contemplative periods of your life. Stanford professor Bill Damon’s most recent book, , contained a passage that might help you maintain the larger context as you delve into the essay-writing process: