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Now! Get these done and out of your way, especially the core essays for The Common Application. You probably have a lot of shorter, supplemental essays to write as well. So get cranking! If possible, have these done before you start your senior year, which is going to super busy and fun!

May 31, 2015 - Short Answer: ONE College Application Essay for The Common App
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Gregory W. Roberts has thought about that concern, but he says additional writing gives students more chances to make an impression. Mr. Roberts is dean of admissions at the University of Virginia, which requires two essays of about 250 words on its supplement in addition to the Common Application essay. “Asking for two short answers seems appropriate and reasonable,” he says. “Writing in a different format can give you a sense of different types of skills.” Admissions officers are looking not only at what students write, he says, but how they express themselves.

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Learn what to write for the short activity essay found in the Common Application and as a supplement requirement for many college applications.
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After all, the has changed the equation. Most selective colleges use the standardized online admissions form, which allows students to apply to any of 488 participating colleges. To complete the form, applicants must write a short essay. In an overhaul for the new admissions cycle, students will get more (up to 650 words) and prompts that nudge them more toward personal reflection. Only about a quarter of the Common Application’s member colleges require additional writing.