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When you look over MBA admissions essay examples from university websites, you get an idea of what admissions officials are looking for in the essay, particularly when the sample essays are written by some of the admissions officials. Your essay may look complete but when you see an essay example, you find that your essay doesn't have a lot of clarity as it relates to your long-term career goals. You change your essay a little and now it looks more well-thought-out.

Sample Essays For MBA Admissions - MBA Admission Gurus
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When it comes time to apply to business school, many MBA applicants search high and low for sample MBA essays written by successful applicants, in the hope that they can unlock a hidden essay writing formula that will assure admission to their dream schools.

Sample Essays For MBA Admissions

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In fact, sample MBA essays, while being of questionable value in and of themselves, can actually harm your chance of admission for a number of reasons: