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TASP is free for all current juniors or rising seniors to apply. The application process for TASP is fairly simple. Once at the site, create an account and complete the online application, or download the pdf version of the application and mail it in. Students are expected to write a series of essays as a part of the process. The deadline is January 20. TASP selects 130 to 140 students for an interview, out of which 64 students are ultimately placed in the program. If selected, the cost to attend is free, but students must pay for their transportation.

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Of books I have read, of people I have met, of sights I have seen, many are significant, candidates for an essay for this application. The trouble is, just listing those that I can remember might take up more than five hundred words. Even considering only the events nominated by the well-meaning people ill with advisory anxiety, the candidate pool would still exceed the word limit. This heated counsel just concentrated the solution of possible topics without precipitating any clarity. Making a decision under such overwhelming pressure of choice is quite difficult. Last spring, no doubt, I would have been unable to make this crucial selection. Now, thanks to my summer at the Research Science Institute (RSI), I am able to make the pick with no trouble whatsoever.

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I'd say the app is 30% presentation in essays (when I was googling RSI obsessively during the months between my acceptance and attendance, I came across some school website that had an "example application to RSI from student a, who attended x years ago." It was among the worst written essays I have ever seen...I just went googling for it without any luck, but I did find some other links, which I'll tack onto the end of this) and 50% content, because the content is coming both from those essays and from your transcript.