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Requirements for freshman applicants. You are invited to submit your application for admission to Rose-Hulman in the fall prior to the year you wish to be admitted. If you want to attend the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, see admissions data including average test scores, acceptance rate, tuition, and more. Buy Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Admissions Essays, Download RHIT College Application Essays, Prompts Or Personal Statements, Rose-Hulman Institute of.

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In an interview, Goecker said that over his 28 years in admissions work, he has been left wondering increasingly about the value of traditional criteria. "The longer you are in it, the more it's clear that the measures we use are just not adequate." Essays, which he noted have been seen as a way to get to an applicant's personality, are frequently the result of coaching, and evaluating them can be "subjective." What Rose-Hulman is trying to do, he said, is to get "to the essence of success."

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Looking at a personality quiz alone also tends to discount any of the effort students have made to expand their horizons outside of the classroom. For many colleges, extracurriculars signify ambition to go above and beyond what's required, a quality that most would agree often leads to success. Although personality quizzes may function as supplementary material in an admissions process, therefore, they are neither the best nor the only way to gauge a student's ability to be successful in the future. And while I appreciate Rose-Hulman's endeavors to accommodate students whose accomplishments don't translate via transcript or essay, or who perhaps test poorly, I would argue that personality quizzes are perhaps just as alienating as any other system of admissions.Â