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What were the 3 essays you submitted to their admissions office and can you clarify what you mean by including Purdue into your life? I've shown legitimate interest in Purdue in my application, I've sent them emails (as previously stated), and I'd also like to know what the essays you submitted were about? I'm doing the letter of recommendation to give myself the best chance of getting in because Purdue doesn't require the LoR but they love students who send them in.

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For me, essays are one of the most important aspects of the application. While many other parts of the M.B.A. application are quantitative and structured, the essays allow the applicant to tell a compelling story and create an emotional connection with the admissions team. They also illuminate an applicant's structured thinking abilities, ability to be persuasive, and can give us some insights into whether a student is genuinely interested in Purdue or just cutting and pasting the same essay for multiple schools.

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To consider each student applicant holistically, Horne says they look at that kind of personal experience, along with the student’s essay and school counselor recommendations. Purdue admissions counselors, who visit hundreds of high schools and community groups, are sensitive to both the challenges and opportunities students encounter in their own environments.