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For me, essays are one of the most important aspects of the application. While many other parts of the M.B.A. application are quantitative and structured, the essays allow the applicant to tell a compelling story and create an emotional connection with the admissions team. They also illuminate an applicant's structured thinking abilities, ability to be persuasive, and can give us some insights into whether a student is genuinely interested in Purdue or just cutting and pasting the same essay for multiple schools.

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At Purdue University, the admissions committee reviews candidates individually and looks at the whole person behind the application. Purdue searches for applicants who are spirited academically and who have solid grades in their coursework, focusing on the grades related to the applicant’s intended major. The admissions committee also marks the trends in a student’s achievement and their class rank. Finally, the applicant’s personal essay and background supplement the rest of the application.

For students who wish to apply to technical programs, like engineering, science and technology, Purdue’s admissions committee advises taking as much advanced coursework in math and science as possible, including Advanced Placement courses (if they are available). Applicants are encouraged to apply by the priority deadline of November 15, which is also the firm deadline for some academic programs and for the maximum consideration for all Purdue scholarships.

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The Department of Animal Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN invites applications for a MS/Ph.D. Diversity Research Assistantship. Recipients must be admitted to Purdue as a MS or Ph.D.-track student in Animal Sciences with an admit date of Fall 2014 or Spring 2015. The successful candidate must demonstrate superior academic achievement and scholarly abilities through the views, experiences and backgrounds, as communicated in the diversity essay; and demonstrate their ability to contribute to the diversity of the graduate student body. Selection of the recipient is conducted by the Animal Sciences Graduate Committee and considers the students’ academic and scholarly achievements and abilities, their ability to contribute to the diversity of the graduate student body, based upon Graduate School admission application materials requested by the graduate program. To receive full consideration, graduate students must submit completed Graduate School admission application materials, including a diversity essay. The diversity essay should be 500 words or less responding to the statement: Describe your leadership, work experience, service experience, or other significant involvement with racial, ethnic, socio-economic, or educational communities that have traditionally been underrepresented in higher education, and how these experiences would promote a diversity of views, experiences, and ideas in the pursuit of research, scholarship, and creative excellence. The Animal Sciences Department will provide a stipend of $18,763 for PhD (four-year award) and $17,650 for MS students (two-year award), payment of tuition and most fees (differential fee is not paid), and medical insurance supplement. Continuation of the assistantship is contingent upon satisfactory academic and scholarly performance and progress, satisfactory work performance, and the fellow's ability to meet and maintain Animal Sciences graduate student guidelines.