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Note well that the Princeton Supplement begins with this admonishment: In addition to the essay you have written for the Common Application, please select one of the following themes and write an essay of The underlining is mine.

Princeton University Application Sample Essay on Racial or Cultural Differences
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I have previously put up posts with detailed information on intellectual and book essays–see the links and table of contents in the first column/post of this website. These posts will also appear under categories and tags for Harvard, Princeton and other University names, as well as under the essay about books, the essay about an intellectual experience and under a couple of the Common Application prompt topics.

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For regular action, I redid my Common Application essay for Yale and Stanford because the one I wrote for Princeton was rather cringey.
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-- A Princeton teen who's already made a name for himself as a local activist and inventor is gaining national attention for the way he wrote his application essay to Stanford University.