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An Application Process ... for Preschool?!
We know: An admissions process for toddlers sounds beyond ridiculous. Don't worry if you're not applying to eight schools or constantly revamping your kid's "application essay."

Preschool application essay - SVJCT's Sports Academy
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Lori Malloy, who lives on the Upper West Side, watched friends try to get their children into preschool last year, and she remembered thinking, ''I'm not going to get stressed out like the rest of these ladies.'' But when Ms. Malloy, a federal prosecutor, applied for her twins, a boy and a girl, she asked her husband to write the application essay.

NYT: Preschool Application Essay Is The New LSAT - Daddy Types

Mar 3, 2006 - NYT: Preschool Application Essay Is The New LSAT
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Applications (Late August or early September)
Applications are composed of personal data, essays, release for school reports from your child’s pre-school, photo of your child/family, submission of testing scores where applicable and payment. A few schools may ask for personal recommendations from family friends.