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What is RFUMS looking for in my Personal Statement?
The Admissions Committees is interested in each applicant’s personal characteristics such as effective communication both orally and in writing, motivation to be a pharmacist, maturity, and interest in serving others. The personal statement essay provides the applicants an opportunity to describe the process and experience that led to application to pharmacy school. The essay should include other academic and life experiences which helped develop the candidate as a person. The essay should communicate your motivation, goals, circumstances, and experiences related to a pharmacy career.

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Applicants for the Pre-Pharmacy Guaranteed Seat Program must first complete a Wilkes University Application, which may be obtained from the Office of Admissions. Applicants who meet the SAT and class rank criteria will be forwarded an application for the School of Pharmacy. The School of Pharmacy will review these applications, and top applicants will be invited for a personal interview. Final admission into the program will be based on a thorough evaluation of students based on high school rank (or GPA if school does not rank), SAT/ACT scores, the Letter of Intent essay, and the results of the personal interview. Interviewed applicants not selected for immediate admission will be placed on a wait list. Wait-listed students will be offered seats in the Pre-Pharmacy Guaranteed Seat Program as seats become available. In some instances, students may not be notified of an available set in the Pre-Pharmacy Guaranteed Seat Program until the summer. School of Pharmacy applications for the Pre-Pharmacy Guaranteed Seat Program must be completed by February 1. There are typically many more applicants than seats in the entering Pre-Pharmacy Guaranteed Seat Program. As applicants are admitted on a rolling basis, all seats may be awarded before the February 1 deadline. Applicants are encouraged to complete the application process as early as possible.

Short Application Essay for Pharmacy School

Pharmacy admissions essay
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Selection of applicants is based on the pre-professional grade point average, the Admissions Committee's assessment of the candidate's personal essay, sustained community service, demonstrated sustained leadership ability, pharmacy/healthcare experience, and PCAT scores. A personal interview will be scheduled by the Committee to further assess those factors as well as communications skills, maturity and career goals.