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As a result of this lesson, students should understand the purpose, requirements, and review process of the college application essay as work of creative nonfiction in order to draft an original, creative, and authentic 250-word essay on a college essay prompt chosen from a list of provided prompts. In panels, students will then peer edit the 250-word college essay drafts in consideration of the appropriate audience, thought organization, personal expression, and writing skills. Panels will present their findings to the class and the class will reflect on the success of selected essays based on understanding of the lesson.

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***As far as help beyond your peers (which, as you may have noticed, can be perilous) and College Confidential, I would recommend what I consider to be the best book ever written on the subject of college application essays: . In my of the original edition of Harry Bauld’s little masterpiece, I said:

Peer editing college application essays

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Your Common App essay has the ability to make or break your college application. You’re informed by your teachers, counselors, and peers that these 650 words will be read and scrutinized by an assortment esteemed individuals who have the ability to grant or deny you admission to your desired colleges. Obviously, it’s in your best interest to ascertain that words have been meticulously selected and crafted to perfection. In other words, you should spend as much time as possible editing your essay.