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After the student has completed all college and program admission requirements, the student’s application file will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Acceptance is not automatic and continuation after admission is not guaranteed. Acceptance into the BSN program is contingent upon the completion and approval of a (Please use for reference). Student progress is continually evaluated.

The Admissions Process for the nursing program is simple and can be completed ..
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A minimum of 2.75 cumulative GPA is required for nursing program admission. Transfer GPAs from another school are used in the application process. Courses older than 10 years will be considered for transfer on an individual basis; some may transfer in only as electives but not count toward general education requirements. Nursing pre-requisite and nursing major courses older than 5 years must be reviewed by the Chair of the Division of Nursing. Computer courses older than five years will not transfer.

The Nursing School Essay: Application Tips Part I

Apr 4, 2011 - Admission into the nursing programs at National University is a two-step process: ..
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Professional Resume
A resume outlining the candidate’s varied experiences to date should be submitted to provide the program admissions committee additional background information.

RN Licensure
Proof of an RN license free from restrictions or limitations. Please mail a copy of your license to the College of Nursing at the above address along with your supplemental application. License will be verified through public access sites such as .