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to access nursery school applications (known as Black Tuesday in our office), ..
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As far as nursery school goes, however, it turns out I was right. There may be more children in London, but there are also many more schools; the ratio is simply not as cutthroat, no matter what Londoners would have you believe. (Talking to Londoners about preschools is a bit like talking to them about parking your car on the street. You explain what it's like in New York, and they say, "Oh, I know, it's getting very bad here, as well. The other day I had to drive around again.") The more troubling thing about the application process in London is that there is no application process.

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Jul 6, 2015 - Applying to private preschool in New York City is a complex process
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Step 4: Parents should expect to spend more time on certain schools' applications. "Free-standing nursery schools generally have very simple applications," Shapiro says. "They'll ask for your basic information, and then there might be a small space to add whether there's any particular information they should know about your child or how you heard about the school and why you're interested. The ongoing schools ask parents to fill out the same applications that they ask the parents of older children to fill out, which are pretty elaborate — like college applications, with essays."