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Trying to figure out 'what they want' is one of the most common mistakes that students make on the college essays and short answer responses. When you write, focus on your strengths (not the attributes of the institution) and tout your talents and accomplishments (not theirs). You should be able to use the same personal statement to fulfill each college's longer essay requirement. And, when you write about "Why Fill-in-the-Blank University?" your response should reflect the way your goals and talents align with the learning environment (do not list accolades of which the school is undoubtedly aware). In some cases, tailored responses occur because the college's application is devised to reflect the institution (ie Wake Forest University, College of William and Mary, University of Chicago).

4 Most Common College Application Essay Mistakes.
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Serious note: I remember once being in an information session with an HR person at a company I wanted to intern with; they said the first thing they do when considering applicants is go through the resume submissions and throw out any with spelling or grammar errors - needless to say, I was mortified . I am constantly worried that I made some mistake on the application I now cannot correct (not just for MIT, but everywhere I'm applying). Hopefully, most colleges aren't too hung up on simple errors - even with multiple sets of eyes proofreading, it's easy for them to slip through.Posted by: V on October 21, 2011

4 Most Common College Application Essay Mistakes

Many students make common application essay mistakes
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From repurposed essays to college name misspellings, believe us—admissions teams have seen it all. And while these application mistakes may be common, it doesn't mean they're unavoidable. As you gather everything together to send yours off, keep in mind this list of the seven most common app mistakes we've seen.