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A great thing about McGill is the application process is so easy -- no essays, no letters of recommendation, just fill out the app, pay the fee and send your transcripts and test scores. Ultimately, you can only choose from the schools to which you've been accepted, so try and give yourself as many options as possible. And who knows what you'll be thinking 2 years from now!

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Apart from school, another issue you may consider would be the monetary needs. Countries like Singapore have a similar living cost as Canada, with housing being more expensive and food being less. European countries are known for having high living expenses. In general, just make sure you have the funds before choosing your dream destination. Also, do notice that McGill offers a Mobility Award of 1500$CAD to all students going on exchange. If you will be going to one of the U21 schools, you may get even more funding. I think there is a special application for that, like an essay to write. The Mobility Award needs no application and you only need to check on the form when asked if you want to be considered for one. Also, one of the biggest advantage of going on exchange is that you will pay the same tuition fee as the one you pay for McGill. If you are originally from Quebec, this is a pretty sweet deal. 😉

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Yes, you can apply to any two programs with one paid application. Just log in and apply when you are ready. It will take you through all the necessary information. For us, a few years ago, there was no essays, no ECs or other letters needed. Not knowing anything about music but McGill application process is the easiest and the most painless application you will ever do compared to the rest of the selective colleges and universities in the US. The key is you need to take a look at the admission standards in the link above, your kid stats must be above those standards. If yours is then McGill can be considered a safety school. Again, I don't know anything about music, that might be a special case that I don't know about with audition etc...