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Some universities ask specific questions candidates must answer in their MBA application essay (or essays); others offer the opportunity for applicants to submit a more general statement of purpose. Either way, the reviewer wants to understand what makes you you—and why.

Tips from expert MBA admissions consultants for writing your EMBA application essays:
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You've chosen your target schools and you've done your school research; now it's time to sit down and tackle those essays. To some degree, what you write about will represent who you are to the adcoms, which is why it's critical that you put your best foot forward in your MBA application essays.

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No matter the word count, applicants’ MBA application essays require just as much thought as ever.
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And that's why your MBA application essays are so important. In a short space, you must convey all those aspects of yourself that make you stand out from your competition. Your application essays need to be clear, compelling, and creative. Most importantly, they need to introduce the very best parts of YOU to the adcom readers, convincing them that you are a person they would like to learn more about…or better yet, accept.