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It is especially difficult to find a reliable advisor for M.B.A. admissions, where very specialized knowledge of business schools and their admissions processes is key to choosing the right essay focus and application strategy. In fact, one of our recent clients had enrolled several business school graduate friends to review his essays, yet still required ten hours of our consultant’s time to retool just two of his essay sets.

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So that’s exactly what we did. We asked ten highly prominent MBA admissions consultants to identify the business school essay prompts to hate in this 2014-2015 admissions cycle. We expected the consultants to name a wide variety of schools and questions. Sure enough, there was no shortage of essay prompts from a fairly large sample of top business schools. In all, nine different MBA programs were named.

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As an applicant, your job is to make sure that your MBA admissions “sound byte” is special—or at least as special as you can possibly make it. As an MBA admissions consultant, I take a holistic, big-picture approach to your application. You’re not just trying to answer individual essay questions when you write an MBA application: you’re trying to make a clear, succinct, and memorable marketing statement.