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This essay's opening is too cute, and doesn't really tell me what the writer is all about. Then it goes on to talk about high school wrestling, and high school is not really the thing law schools want to hear about. You want to emphasize maturity, decisions you made during college, recent experiences. A good test is whether you could've written the same essay for college admission, and if so then you need to change things up.

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Many, but not all, law schools require a resume with your law school application. Other schools make it optional. A law school resume, if done nicely, can supplement your application in a meaningful way. Your resume can add information to your application, subtly highlight unique factors, and supplement the theme from your personal statement. While the resume doesn’t always come into play in the admissions process, it is very important for highly competitive schools or close-call applicants. Submit a resume with your application unless the law school specifically states that you should not. Law school resumes are not the same

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test my abilities had initially compelled me to choose a Division I football program
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