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In , I use case studies to show why I encouraged different clients to take different tones and use different approaches to their personal statements, and I show some sample introductions. However, I don’t share entire essays, because I can spot – instantly – a personal statement that was written based on a sample essay. And so can law school admission decision-makers. Especially if you’re reading a book that was initially published in the 1990s. These are the personal statements that either:

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What Ann says:
This essay's opening is too cute, and doesn't really tell me what the writer is all about. Then it goes on to talk about high school wrestling, and high school is not really the thing law schools want to hear about. You want to emphasize maturity, decisions you made during college, recent experiences. A good test is whether you could've written the same essay for college admission, and if so then you need to change things up.

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Throughout this issue, countless examples show why we are so proud of the ..
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