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Mr. Rupesh Bisht: So Linda first of all, thank you so much and it has always been a pleasure for us at ISB to be participating in the wonderful webinars you conduct.

Now coming back to the question about what's new and exciting at ISB, I would like to respond to that by saying two things actually, Linda. One, for the very first time at the Indian School of Business we have come up with a mobile application which is called an ISB 360 Degree app which is available on Blackberry 10, android as well as IOS platform. What this does for prospective applicants is it gives you an inside review, a ringside view of life at ISB. And this is essentially a persona-based application where you could identify and choose one of the seven personas we have created and this will answer most of the questions you'll have in mind. So in fact this is a very rich application with a lot of video from recruiters, from alumni, from faculty, certain students, as well as, senior members from the admissions team and I believe this will help you make an informed choice about the business school you would like to pursue your education in.

And the second interesting thing, this year at ISB is that again for the very first time, we have initiated 10 complete tuition fee waivers which means that the top 10 selected applicants in our merit list will automatically qualify for the complete tuition fee waiver which is roughly to the tune of 20 lakh INR and we are very happy and proud in doing that. And you also know that for the top 10% students at ISB, we have the merit scholarships which is either rupees 5 lakh INR or rupees 10 lakh and this is in addition to the means scholarship which we also award during the time of making that offer.

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At CrackVerbal, every year we have students ask the same questions, "How can we get into ISB? What should we do?". So we went forth and made an ISB Admissions Kit :-) It contains:

1) Information about the important dates and deadlines
2) Fee structure
3) ISB Essay Analysis
4) Top 5 Myths about ISB Admissions
5) Top 3 Mistakes by Indian applicants
6) Q&A with ISB Admissions Director about the profile, career after ISB and more

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Feel free to send PM or email us if you have any query regarding ISB YLP admission process and for a free profile evaluation.
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A student is assigned a Mentor- someone who has successfully been through the entire process and has led significant number of students into eminent business schools including ISB. To begin with, the Mentor conducts a detailed kick-start video conference with the student; over this detailed, informal discussion, the mentor gives a run through to the process and answers any questions the student may have. All ISB Admission Consultants in our team are 99th percentilers on the GMAT, MBA from premiere business schools, and carry serious admissions consulting experience.