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Carolina Williams, a Ravenwood High School graduate proved to Yale University that she was a perfect fit for college life with an admissions essay about pizza. When asked about what she likes to do in a short essay question, Williams claims that the first thing she thought of was ordering pizza.

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5. Admissions EssaysPersonal Testimony: We want to get to know you! In 1-2 pages tell us how you came to know the Lord, how He has transformed your life (relationship with others, habits, etc.), and how faith informs your thinking. The essay can be informal (but avoid slang).Writing Sample: We want to know how well you write! Send us one of the essays you've written in high school or for a college class. It should be about 5-7 pages, double-spaced (or 3-4 pages single-spaced). The essay should show us how well you can reason and analyze, so research papers tend to work best (while we love fiction, poetry, speech transcripts, or electronic media, they tend to score lower).

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In her view, two-thirds of this evaluation is based on tests, while only one third is based on grades, leading her to conclude at one point that grades were less important overall as a factor than test scores, while in a different chapter she also suggested that the high school transcript information described roughly 60% of the college's perception of a student's academic performance. Next, the composite score was combined with an analysis of personal factors such as extracurricular activity or the essay, such that the academic factor was weighted 70% to 85% while the personal evaluation was weighted only 30% to 15%. Generally the particulars of the mathematical formulas are not revealed to the public, and different colleges have different formulas. Part of the purpose of algorithms is to expedite the handling of thousands of applications in a short amount of time. For example, at , data goes into a for each application, which leads to a , where readers summarize applications; then, an initial screening is done: top applications go directly to the director of admissions for approval while lackluster ones go to another director. Dartmouth uses "A" for accept, "R" for reject, "P" for possible, with "P+" and "P-" being variants. A committee might spend a week with the "P" ones, of which they only accept about a sixth, according to Hernandez.