Duke Fuqua 2016-2017 MBA Essay Tips and Application Deadlines

The Weekend Executive MBA program is for working professionals. You must be employed on a full-time basis and the program requires a minimum of 5 years post-undergraduate work experience. Use the application to articulate how your work experience will contribute to the learning environment at Fuqua. You should demonstrate how your management and/or leadership experience has helped you develop strong team skills, as well as maturity, on both a professional and personal level.

2016-2017 Duke Fuqua MBA Essay Tips and Application Deadlines
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Duke Fuqua MBA Application Deadlines & MBA Essays 2013

Duke Fuqua has released its MBA Application Deadlines and MBA Essay Questions for the upcoming year.
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Authentic Engagement: We care and we take action. We each make a difference to Team Fuqua by being ourselves and engaging in and supporting activities about which we are passionate.
Supportive Ambition: We support each other to achieve great things, because your success is my success. The success of each individual member of Team Fuqua makes the whole of Team Fuqua better.
Collective Diversity: We embrace all of our classmates because our individuality is better and stronger together.
Impactful Stewardship: We are leaders who focus on solutions to improve our communities both now and in the future. We aren’t satisfied with just maintaining the status quo.
Loyal Community: We are a family who looks out for each other. Team Fuqua supports you when you need it the most.
Uncompromising Integrity: We internalize and live the honor code in the classroom and beyond. We conduct ourselves with integrity within Fuqua, within Duke, and within all communities of which we are a part.
Appearing on the Fuqua application for second consecutive year, this essay asks applicants to discuss the ways their behavior in the classroom and contribution to the Fuqua community would embody one of six student-identified values — to an award-winning extent. Choosing which of these principles to discuss will be the first strategic decision that candidates will have to make with this essay. With their emphasis on community engagement and support, it’s hard to go wrong; rather, applicants should consider which will enable them to make the strongest case about the potential contribution to the Duke MBA community. Applicants may want to begin by thinking about the principle with which they find the greatest resonance, and should also consider which are already evident in their activities and accomplishments to date. In fact, after clearly identifying their choice in the first sentence of their response, applicants would likely do well to demonstrate an existing commitment to the chosen principle. This would likely mean a brief (100-150 word) description of 1-2 examples that illustrate their skills and potential to make a positive impact in line with the Fuqua principle in question.