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It was accepted in 1989. The world was different then. While I didn’t find it particularly amusing, I did appreciate a phrase or two. When I read back over things I wrote in my youth that I judged at the time to be not only clever but even hilarious, I often find myself saying, “Oh, please! And you thought that was funny?” Chances are, so does the author of this college admissions essay. I agree with the person who commented that the piece was probably a refreshing read from the usual run of applications and set TPTB laughing because after days of reading the ordinary and worrying that one’s eyes were about to permanently glaze over, this applicant’s courage stood out (he took a huge chance with his future by offering such a submission) and signaled that he was unique.

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DO: Write the essay yourself, ask for proof reading, write in a formal style, make sure that the essay tells admissions officers something about yourself, brain storm, begin your essays the summer before your junior and senior yearDON'T: Try to be funny when you are not a paid comedian, allow someone else to write you essay for you, use profanity, write about the college campus without putting yourself in the context of you on campus, wait until the last month to begin your essay, be afraid to toss out an essay that is not working and begin anew, think that no one will read your essay

That was a funny college admission essay, but award-winning satire?

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I am currently working on college applications with my daughter and find it OVERWHELMING! My daughter is strong academically but because of my parenting style, had a childhood, not a resume building school career. She is smart, considerate, well traveled and an all around great kid. We pray she gets into a college where she will feel comfortable and be challenged but some of these schools seem to expect so much from a 17 year old. We hope her college essay can put her “over the top” and we enjoyed your piece about funny and admissions.