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Personal Statement — Candidates to Columbia Law School are required to submit a personal essay or statement supplementing required application materials. Such a statement may provide the Admissions Committee with information regarding such matters as: personal, family, or educational background; experiences and talents of special interest; reasons for applying to law school as they may relate to personal goals and professional expectations; or any other factors that you think should inform the Committee's evaluation of your candidacy for admission. This statement should be printed on a supplementary sheet or two and should be returned to the Law School with other application materials. If applying electronically, you must submit an electronic attachment.

can result in an essay that might hamstring your law school application.
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The law school application process is an extremely competitive exercise. Nearly all applicants to top law schools possess similar undergraduate GPAs and LSAT scores. So what separates the few who get in from the majority whose applications are rejected? The fact of the matter is that the law school application process involves more than mere numbers. Law school admissions committees want to make sure that you will be successful in their law school and look at intangibles in order to make these decisions.

5 Fatal Flaws to avoid in your law school application essay.

Learn how to navigate the law school application process and develop a strategy for completing LSAC applications.
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I am a junior at a top college and plan to apply to several law schools this fall. I have a double major in political science and economics and my GPA is 3.85. Can you put the process of applying to law school into perspective? I have established a solid academic record and want to know what you suggest that I stress in the application process.