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This means the ISB essays have to be taken with maximum seriousness to make a critical contribution in deciding the entry or exit in . In the admission process there are 3 ISB required essays with 300 words each, which the applicant has to upload along with the application before the deadline that ends in September and November.

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If you are planning to apply to ISB YLP, below is a detailed description of the admission process that will certainly help you get an idea about ISB YLP program.

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1. ISB admission process
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Mr. Rupesh Bisht: I would like to address that for GMAT, if somebody has very high work experience there is no reason or excuse for him to be okay with a lower GMAT and conversely, somebody who has low work experience does not necessarily have to get a very high GMAT score to get into ISB. And in fact you know, let me take this opportunity of highlighting this, and this is very important, because this is one material change we have made this year in our process and let me take just two minutes describing this. This will quiet a lot of queries and anxieties around GMAT score as well.

What we have done this year as in our application process, is everybody knows that the entire application to ISB is online and once you have written all the essays and application comes to us in a digital format and what we do is we take two separate printouts and hand it over to two independent evaluators. But the change we have made this year is that we are going to mask all GMAT score and the academic percentages. Your schools and colleges will remain there, but will not have any academic percentages or the GMAT score and this has been done to ensure that no bias or prejudice exists. And when the evaluators are reading through the application, they have only three things to say. They can say, "Yes, please call for interview, do not call for interview, or maybe." If both the evaluators agree then the decision to call for an interview is made, but if they differ in their opinion, then the admissions director will take the final call.

Now once a candidate is shortlisted for an interview, please do not assume that this is going to be a yes, no decision going forward. In the interview, it is going to be a panel interview with three members, two senior alumni and one senior admission staff and they are going to rate you on certain attributes. They are going to rate you on things like your communication abilities, your quality of work experience, your learning ability and the overall interview experience as perceived by them. And once they rate you on a Likert scale, we are going to assign certain weightages. Now we then go back to your application, pick out your GMAT score, pick up your academic percentages, add certain weightages to them, and this is how you get a final weighted score. This final weighted score will decide whether you make it to ISB this year or not and the same scores, the same merit list is used to award scholarships, both merit and means.

It's a little bit different in that you really are going to look at the academics very separately from the work experience and leadership, etc..This is an attempt to make it truly holistic, as we've always been saying that, this is a holistic approach we are following but there are certain material changes we have made to ensure that the process is indeed all second nature.