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When you talk about computers fitting in our laps, I feel like this essay might have been written a couple years ago. Heck, I don't have an iPhone, but I do have an iPod Touch and I have some pretty amazing applications on it--and I don't need the expanse of my lap. My dad has a monitor that is on this funky flexible material that he can roll up and stow. Reference something a little more cutting edge than a laptop if you are going to talk about advances in technology.

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Application to TUM's Master Program in Computer Science, Essay subject 2: What is the impact of ubiquitous sensors and how does Informatics help to analyze the collected data?This essay is written in Markdown. The body-only word count is 1002. References are given in [square brackets] and are listed at the end of the document.

Essay on Applications of Magnetism in the Computer..

Essay on Applications of Magnetism in the Computer Engineering Field
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Also, make a directory on your computer dedicated to fellowshipapplications, and a sub-directory for each fellowship. Write downadvice that you collect in text files within the appropriatesub-directories. Don't think that you'll remember everything whencrunch time comes; just be safe and write it all down. Although you cansave partially-completed applications online, it's pretty dumb to simplyuse the web form text boxes as a word processor (there's no spellchecking). Write your essays offline and save and neurotically like there'sno tomorrow!