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The admissions application includes a Supplemental Diversity Essay. Must I complete it?
UCSD values a diverse student body; the supplemental diversity essay allows applicants to comment on how they might contribute to diversity on campus. Departments review these essays for the purposes of nominating students for University diversity fellowships (for which international students are not eligible). In short, submitting the supplemental diversity essay with your admissions application is entirely optional. It will not negatively impact your chances of admission if you decide not to provide the essay.

May I change my major / research area after I have been admitted to the graduate program?
A change into any non-impacted major may be requested via petition after the first quarter in residence in the ECE graduate program. (Computer Engineering and Electrical Circuits and Systems majors are specifically impacted; major change requests to these areas are not permitted after admission.)

Highest math level completed; Quality of essay in our engineering application.
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Learn what admissions officers at top engineering programs are looking for in applications from students applying to their engineering programs. I'm focusing on how you can address these qualities and experiences in your college application packages (your main Common App application essay, your supplemental essays, and even in your recommendations). I'm sharing info related to the University of Pennsylvania, Tufts, Rose-Hulman, Columbia University, and more.

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Ucf application essay - Woods Engineering
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Brenzel said Yale joins several other institutions in requiring an engineering essay, including Princeton University. Though some require engineering applicants to complete a different application than other students, both Yale and Princeton still allow prospective engineers to use the generic application.