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Unless you have really complicated addresses or medical history, the most difficult and time consuming part of the EPIK application is the essay and the lesson plan. Here are some really quick tips/ideas. You don’t have to follow them, but if you’re really struggling hopefully they can give you some ideas.

Jul 23, 2014 - The personal essay is a critical component of your EPIK application
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Make sure you read the application thoroughly several times so that you do not make any errors. Your application may be denied if there are any major errors and it’s unprofessional. I highly suggest that you use a passport style photo that is professional and also flattering on your application. Smile, wear something conservative, and wear minimal to no jewelry. Spend a lot of time thinking about and revising your essays. Don’t talk about how much you want to travel while in Korea, EPIK doesn’t like that! You also want to make yourself sound like a teacher, and not someone who wants to be a language student and party. Take your time making a lesson plan and revising it. If you’ve never made one before, I suggest using the many resources and examples available on the internet. Use EPIK, EFL, or ESL as your keywords when searching. is also a great resource for teachers. Once your application is complete you can send it to EPIK or your recruiter, along with scanned copies of both of your letters of recommendations.

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Great advice! I'm applying for EPIK right now and this has given me wonderful inspiration for the essay portion of the application. Thank you!
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So I just got done with my EPIK interview. It was long and we went over a variety of questions. Pretty much all of the questions were ones that I had prepped before. Some were phrased a little differently. My interviewer was actually not Korean. I was very surprised. He seemed as if his accent was from Canada or perhaps he could have been from the USA. WHO KNOWS! He was so friendly! I was so relieved. He went over my application with me just confirming some details and asked for me to change a number for one of my teachers (BACK STORY SHE CHANGED HER NUMBER NOW THAT SHE IS THE HEAD DEPARTMENT CHAIR NO BIGGIE). He said he liked my lesson plan and my essay. Then we got into the teaching related questions which you can find a variety of questions online that you MAY get asked not DEFINITE. Every coordinator is different. Then of course he asked me questions related to the more personal side with the health background etc. He took notes down throughout the interview. He also told me I was pretty much the first interview of the day for him (NO PRESSURE! LOL). Overall I didn’t feel as though I fumbling over my words or anything. I feel positively about it. I think he liked me as well and he seemed to like my personality. He liked that I had a lot of hobbies as well. I guess we will see what happens. He told me I should hear within 2-3 days. FINGERS CROSSED!!!!