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Use one of Sibia's editing services to perfect the most essential part of your college application. Your personal statement is one of the most crucial components of your application package because it enables you to distinguish yourself from other applicants who can boast of equal credentials or even higher test scores. A stellar personal statement can perhaps sway the opinion of an admissions officer who is on the fence about your candidacy. Thus, we at Sibia recommend that you invest as much time, patience, energy, and brainpower as possible into writing and editing your college application essay. Our three levels of college application essay editing services will ensure that you receive assistance and advice that are personally tailored to your strengths and achievements.

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Your Common App essay has the ability to make or break your college application. You’re informed by your teachers, counselors, and peers that these 650 words will be read and scrutinized by an assortment esteemed individuals who have the ability to grant or deny you admission to your desired colleges. Obviously, it’s in your best interest to ascertain that words have been meticulously selected and crafted to perfection. In other words, you should spend as much time as possible editing your essay.

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And make sure to read on the steps to take to “fine edit” your college application essay and give it that winning polish!
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A college application essay is the gateway towards your dreams. A well-written essay serves as your pass in entering a university or college of your choice. When this one chance that you have is taken for granted, it can ruin a part of your future. Nobody wants to experience such disappointment, so preparing for a college essay needs a thorough editing and proof reading. When this task is quite impossible to do, you do not have to worry.