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Once you’ve applied, you’ll receive information about how to check the status of your application — and you’ll be able to see if anything is missing. You will also receive a unique ID number that you should use whenever you communicate with our office.Our online application includes a required short essay (250-750 words) as well as an optional personal statement (750 words maximum). This is your opportunity to tell the admissions committee anything you think they should know. Please note that our application form is the only application form the College of Charleston will accept. We do not accept the Common Application. If you can’t use our online application, please contact us to make arrangements to apply another way.You will pay this fee when you submit the online application.All freshman applicants are given the option of attaching an unofficial copy of their high school transcript for purposes of expediting the application review process. Applicants may upload documents in PDF format (maximum size 5 MB). Use a transcript listing grades and courses through the conclusion of your junior year, preferably with your senior year schedule included. Your transcript must show your full legal name and either date of birth or permanent address.Applicants may decline the option of providing their own transcript, and instead may opt to have their counselor submit the transcript to the College of Charleston directly. Know this is acceptable but may delay processing; application files must be complete before the admissions committee can render a decision.Transcripts should be submitted in one of the following formats:

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Colleges request essays of various lengths, so remain mindful of what your parameters are. Admissions officials do not view excessively long and wordy submissions favorably. Commonly, essays are required to contain a minimum of 250 words. If this is your assignment, the piece should probably run around 500 words or less. If you are in the eight and nine hundreds, you’ve gone too far and need to do some editing. In the end, your essay should be a concise composition that contains meaningful information about the topic at hand.

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However, professional editing services might be of value to students applying for competitive programs. Education is highly specialized, so being an expert in your field does not necessarily mean you are also a great writer. If composition is not your strength, contract with a professional editor to hone your drafts. Well-conceived points that are not articulated properly undermine your college admissions essay, so editing services are worthy investments toward college acceptance.