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Of course, any rube with even the vaguest idea about great art believes that it must come from pain. So Thank Me Later often feels like a college admissions essay, mining for struggle in comfortable living. Seemingly significant personal events like his parents' divorce, his grandmother's move to a nursing home or his girlfriend's abortion are treated as if Drake were the only one on earth to ever experience such trauma. There's no depth or exploration of these occurrences, either; they're simply noted and then brushed to the side. He quickly settles on the true source of his burden: celebrity. He puts it bluntly: "I wish I wasn't famous." It turns out that having fans and money and beautiful women comes with a cost. He's channeling Kanye once again here, except Kanye always tempers such laments with a winking self-awareness; Drake lacks any such nuance. It's frightening to think that this fame-loathing might be the one aspect of his persona that is not a pose; that this is an artist who truly believes that success is the worst thing to have happened to him. Even more so because it's a success that just happened, not one that was earned. It was a gift... horse's mouth.