How to Address the Diversity Admissions Essay Question

If, when considering all these factors I’ve listed, you still feel uncomfortable or unsure, then don’t do it. You won’t lose out by not doing a diversity statement, but you can lose out by doing a bad one. If you find that you’re forcing yourself to write one, that awkwardness will be evident to the admissions counselor. Trust me– they look at up to thousands of these kinds of essays and forced, awkward writing is easy to pinpoint and with good accuracy, too.

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Admission to the Wolverine nation is highly selective at around 30% for the class of 2019, and applicants have a chance to apply early or regular, regardless if they go restrictive EA elsewhere or not. It’s important for a prospective student to differentiate himself or herself from the massive applicant pool, as Michigan admissions highly values class and student diversity, and strives to pick students from various backgrounds in and out of Michigan.

What do admission committees look for in a diversity essay?

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What the elite colleges are doing in the name of diversity is reverse racism, pure and simple. As the mother of an Asian American Medical School student, I witnessed this first-hand during the application process. My son was the #1 ranked student in his liberal arts college for all four years of his undergraduate studies, scored a 40 on his MCAT, which is in the 99.97th percentile, had a 4.0 GPA, worked three summers of research at a leading medical institution, had excellent references, worked & performed volunteer work throughout the four years of college, etc., and yet he was so discouraged to learn from his peers that that would still not be enough to get into the Ivies. And he would tell me that the black students that he encountered during med school interviews were invariably admitted to every school where they’d interviewed. Meanwhile, the white, South Asian and East Asian boys had to console themselves with admission to second-tier schools.
One thing for certain, however – I’ll never again go to a black, Hispanic or female physician for my medical care. It’s either White, South Asian or East Asian guys for me and my family until this nonsense ends.