UVA Darden 2017-2018 Application Essay:

Sara Neher, long-time assistant dean of admissions at UVA’s Darden School of Business, recently announced the debut of a 12-part MBA application tip video series for the 2017-18 admissions season. T

Three rounds make up the Darden School of Business application cycle.
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The people: When I first visited Darden, it felt like I came home for the first time. MBAs came up to me as I sat in-between programmed events just to learn more about me. When I shared my background they texted their classmates with similar backgrounds to come meet with me too. Even beyond my visit to the stately, Jeffersonian-inspired grounds that rests gently against the bucolic backdrop of tree-lined mountains, I received regular check-ins from MBAs about how my application progress.

UVA (Darden) Application Essays

The following two short essay questions are buried in the Darden application:
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Many applicants will make the mistake of sweating over their one Darden application essay and then carelessly complete the rest of the application form. Darden actually has several in its online application that provide applicants more room to demonstrate to the admissions committee that they are a great fit with the Darden program. Here are all of the questions that Darden asks in its application, with my tips in blue.