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That is it! You may be asking yourself, “What about an application essay?” Well, at CU Denver we do not require an essay for your application. So unless you feel the need to impress us with your awesome writing skills, there is no need to submit an essay… we are pretty sure that you have enough essays coming up.

The application essay for admission to CU is based wholly on the Creed
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Just like your essays give you the chance to tell us more about you, a letter of recommendation gives someone else the opportunity to speak to your academic strengths and cocurricular involvement. This is the one chance in your application where we get to learn about you from someone other than you, so choose someone who knows you well. Many students ask a teacher or school counselor to write their .

Cornell Johnson Executive MBA Application Essay Questions

Well, at CU Denver we do not require an essay for your application.
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Your application essay is a very important part of your application, particularly if you are coming from a different discipline or have been away from the academic world for a number of years. The essay allows you to: 1) articulate your reasons for pursuing graduate training in terms of your career plans; 2) highlight how your professional experience or academic background provide a foundation for your decision to pursue graduate training; 3) demonstrate that you have considered carefully the CU geography program and are aware of how your interests match faculty expertise and interests; and 4) provide a sense of the areas or topics in which you are interested in pursuing training and research. If you are applying for the MA degree, it is expected that you can articulate the subfield(s) of geography in which you would like to work, perhaps also mentioning one or more topics within this subfield that you plan to make the focus of your work. If you are applying for the Ph.D., it is expected that you will articulate in broad terms one or more research topics that could serve as the focus of your program.