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November 1, 2011. Here is some great advice from the New York Times on reducing the number of words in your common application essay or your college admissions essay. Shorter…

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Receiving a greater number of applications does not necessarily lead to an increase in the quality applicants. But schools should always strive to avoid creating barriers to overall admission where they can. According to The Washington Post in 2011, schools that join the Common App experience a 5 to 10 percent increase in overall applicants to their schools. In the long term, such an increase will give admissions officers a greater pool of candidates from which to choose, which as a consequence allows the potential for greater diversity in the future.

Common Application Changes Word Count for 2011 Short Essay.

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Felicity's essay is from before 2011 when the Common Application imposed the 500-word length limit. At about 850 words, the essay would need to lose 350 words to comply with the new guidelines.