19 Common Application Essay Mistakes and How to ..

Regardless of how you approach the task of writing your college application essays, please . . . don’t become a star on America’s Funniest Essay Mistakes. That’s one show that’s been running entirely too long.

4 Most Common College Application Essay Mistakes - My College Guide
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Many college applicants make the mistake of trying to include all of their accomplishments and activities in their application essays. Such essays read like what they are: tedious lists. Other parts of the application provide plenty of space for you to list extracurricular activities, so save your lists for the places where they belong.

19 Common Application Essay Mistakes and How to Avoid ..

Common essay mistakes high school students make when writing their college application essays
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However, many students blow their chance at writing an exceptional essay by making one simple mistake: choosing a cliche (also known as, common) college application essay topic. Learn how to avoid college cliche essay topics below!