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Clemson seeks students who not only have excelled academically throughout high school, but also who will ultimately be a good fit for the school. The university's admissions rate of just over 60% reflects a system that, while not incredibly competitive, is focused on finding applicants who contribute to the greater Clemson community. First and foremost, admission officials look to the applicant's class rank, standardized test scores, GPA, and state residency when making a decision.

Other important factors in the admission process is the applicant's alumni relation and demonstrated talents. Admissions officials seek students who, through their applications, have articulated specific passions. Therefore, an applicant should be sure to take advantage of the application essay as a means of communicating any significant accomplishments or interests.

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FACT “Not true!,” says Jessica Martin, an Admissions Counselor at Clemson University (SC). “Schools will often look at a student’s cumulative high school record when making an admission decision.” So why would colleges care about your freshman and sophomore year of high school? Some of it is about looking for trends (e.g. Did you consistently challenge yourself with higher-level courses?) and adjustment. If your transition from middle school to high school caused poor grades how will the transition from high school to college affect you? If there are significant changes in grades (up or down) between any years your essay might be the place to explain them. Speaking of essays…

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The categories below will help walk you through the application process and answer. Apply To Clemson. Undergraduate;. Clemson University on. Clemson University accepts courses for transfer only if. Clemson welcomes and appreciates applications from students with. Write a brief essay. Admissions at Clemson University, South Carolina a public land grant school combining best small-college teaching with big time science, engineering and technology. Will you get in? View Clemson University admissions statistics, acceptance rate, SAT/ACT scores, and admissions requirements. Clemson University Music: A Social Commentary Anonymous. Clemson University Application Essays; A Counselor's Camper; Figure It Out; Finding Your Animal.