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The following list of admission requirements must be completed and submitted to our admissions team before any student may be considered for acceptance to a Champlain College Online graduate degree or certificate program.The first step in applying to an online program at Champlain College is to . You'll need to create an account and follow the step-by-step instructions. There is no fee to apply.Within the online application, you'll be required to prepare an essay. The essay is made up of four questions and the topics take into account your personal and professional goals, your ability to persist when challenged and your approach to online learning. For each essay question you will be asked to prepare 3-4 paragraphs that demonstrate to the reviewers that you understand the question, are thoughtful in your response and can demonstrate critical thinking and college-level writing ability.Official academic transcripts are required for any post-secondary coursework you have completed and all colleges and universities you have previously attended, whether or not a degree was conferred. Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a recognized equivalency service. Learn more about our international student requirements Request that all transcripts be . For students who are still completing their undergraduate degree, we have a that may apply to you.ResumeYou will need to submit a copy of your professional resume, which should include both your current and previous employment and work experiences. Your resume should be .You are required to submit one professional letter of recommendation from someone who can assess your capabilities as an employee and/or student, preferably a supervisor or manager. Your letter of recommendation should be .Proficiency in the English language is both required and necessary for academic success at Champlain College Online. If English is not your native language, you will be required to demonstrate proficiency. Learn more about our international student requirements

Champlain college application essay
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