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Two years ago we had an excellent experience helping our niece with a college counselor - Edth Zinn in Berkeley. Our niece is now a sophmore at Bard College in New York- her first choice. She was raisied by a terrific single dad (my brother) and needed help with applications, essays, and choice of colleges to visit - as well as interview coaching. Mrs. Zinn was very wise, expereinced in contacting admissions offices for infromation and scheduling and supportive. We plan you use her again when our son is ready in a few years. She also has a partner who i hear is vey good as well.

Berkeley college application essay / Homework Writing Service
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It is important for applicants and their families to understand that our admissions evaluations encompass more than just an assessment of grades, test scores and other information that students may commonly share with each other. Our selection process includes careful review of the application essay, participation in activities both in and out of school, and individual circumstances that might not be apparent to an applicant’s peers. Another factor which creates a perceived discrepancy between student qualifications and admission to Berkeley is the College to which the candidate applied. Some College of Engineering departments have specific undergraduate enrollment limits which make them especially competitive. The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major, for example, received approximately 1,690 applications for only 345 admission spaces.

Berkeley college application essay / Essay Academic Service.

Berkeley college application essay - Homework Academic Service
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Proofread/Critique My UC Berkeley Essay, If you are working on your two college application essays for the University of California UC Berkeley Extension.